Bob Walpole






Dee Specker

Bob Walpole

Dee:  Vocals and Violin

Bob:  Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

This duo began with a synchronistic reunion in early 2011 after 36 years of approaching life in two separate musical directions. 

Bob & Dee met while performing together at a concert in their hometown of Wellsville, NY in 1974.  After the performance, Dee and Bob went their wide and separate ways.


An award winning Nashville recording artist, Grammy nominee and Ithaca resident, Dee spent a good part of the last two decades touring the country with Cornerstone, a nationally recognized bluegrass band.  When not playing BOB & DEE gigs she can be found performing with A-list Ithaca musicians playing a wide range of music from bluegrass to jazz.


Bob now resides by the lake in Romulus.  He’s been performing for his entire life on both coasts and, until reuniting with Dee, has been primarily a solo performer. An experienced and accomplished musician, Bob is a familiar face at Finger Lakes wineries and bistros.

Together Dee and Bob create tons of music for a duo, big harmonies and enchanting melodies. Dee’s lovely voice and imaginative violin solos meet up with Bob’s airy and exuberant rhythms and vocal harmonies.

Their eclectic song list takes you effortlessly from genre to genre.


Bob & Dee have quickly become favorites in the Finger Lakes region.


Accepting bookings for clubs, wineries, private parties


Contact Bob: 315 398 1469






18        FRIDAY            LIVE FROM LINDEN, GENEVA                         6:30 - 9:30 PM

27        SUNDAY           MILES WINE CELLARS                                   1 - 3 PM



2          FRIDAY           HAMMONDSPORT GAZEBO                     5 - 8 PM  

3          SATURDAY      PRIVATE EVENT, BURDETT                

4          SUNDAY          HOSMER WINERY                                      1 - 4 PM

7          WEDNESDAY   STONE CAT, HECTOR - PUB NITE                6 - 9 PM

15        THURSDAY      LUCKY HARE BREWING, HECTOR                 5 - 8 PM

17        SATURDAY      HAMMONDSPORT GAZEBO                          5 - 8 PM

18        SUNDAY          BIG ALICE BREWING, Geneva                     2 - 5 PM         

24        SATURDAY      THE WINDMILL  FARM MARKET                        11:30 - 2:30 PM

31        SATURDAY      BUTTONWOOD GROVE WINERY                      12:30 - 3:30 PM



1          SUNDAY          KEUKA SPRING CONCERT                               1:30 - 4:30

5          THURSDAY      LUCKY HARE BREWING, HECTOR                    5 - 8 PM


7          SATURDAY      BOUNDARY BREAKS VINEYARDS                      6 - 9 PM

8          SUNDAY          MILES WINE CELLARS                                    1 - 3 PM


28        SATURDAY      LIVE FROM LINDEN                                        6:30 - 9:30 PM

29        SUNDAY          HOSMER WINERY                                          1 - 4 PM



11        SATURDAY      THE WINDMILL FARM MARKET                          11:30-2:30PM

12        SUNDAY          HAZLITT OASIS                                               2 - 5 PM

25        SATURDAY      THE WINDMILL FARM MARKET                          1:30-2:30PM



2         SATURDAY       HUNT COUNTRY VINEYARDS                          AFTERNOON TBA





Peace Love and Music,

Bob & Dee



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Peace, Love and Music,

Bob & Dee